ISD01 Series

Production: tailored to customer’s opening size.

Advantages: sturdy panels, safety features, ease of installation, thermal break, perimeter sealing.

Torsion spring mechanism: zinc-coated springs calculated for minimum 25 000 cycles operation


R-value 1,13 m²·°С/W∗
Thermal conductivity 0,88 W/m²·°С (DIN4108)
Wind load 2 class (EN12424:2000)
Airtightness 4 class (EN12426:2000)
Watertightness 3 class (EN12425:2000)
Acoustic insulation <35 dB
Necessary lifting force to 22.5 kg
Door sheet weight 11,2 kg/m²
                                                                 ∗For a 4 000 x 4 000 mm door
1. Coupler 
2. Torsion spring
3. Spring safety device
4. Drum
5. End support bracket
6. Top aluminium profile with top weather seal
7. Horizontal track
8. C-profile
9. Spring bumper
10. Vertical angle
11. Vertical track
12. Bottom aluminium profile with bottom weather seal
13. Bracket for shaft operator
14. Shaft operator
15. Side weather seal
16. Top support
17. Hinges
18. Panel
19. Side support
20. Footstep handle
21. Cable break safety device


1. Vertical track
2. Vertical angle
3. Octagonal shaft
4. Spring safety device
5. Top bracket for octagonal shaft 
6. Bottom bracket for octagonal shaft (drums inside)
7. Drum
8. Top aluminium profile with top weather seal
9. Top support
10. Hinges
11. Panel
12. Side support
13. Bottom aluminium profile with bottom weather seal
14. Cable break safety device
15. Side weather seal
16. Chain tension device for double shaft system
17. Steel sprocket
18. Adapter for octagonal shaft
19. Torsion spring 
20. Side cap
21. Footstep handle

          * Note: the shown double shaft spring mechanism is for big doors


It is a typical door with drums and balancing system designed for 25,000 cycles. The doors are available with a wide choice of the most commonly used door lift types suitable for any condition. The variety of lift types allows the doors to be installed in warehouse with almost any internal space geometry.
U - shaped bracket with preset       Spring - break safety device         Corrosion resistant robust 
bolts reduces and simplifies            with present bolts simplifiles hardware.
quick fix system) installation time.  installation ( quick fix system ).

 Stylish, optimally shaped              Typical door with counter              Distance plate reduces installation                   handle for easy manual                 balance system calculated             time. the necessary gap  between                  Used to createopenning of             for 25 000 cycles. Easy to            of power vertical angle and the                      the door in failure.                         install , operate and maintain.       u- shape  bracket. 


 High - quality durable springs        Steel coupling for shafts                   U-shaped bracket, for 160 mm        prolong door’s operational life.       adjustment and perfect cable            headroom,precision positioned            length on both sides of the door.    on top of the mounting angle            reduce installation time.                                                                         



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