Self-repairing High Speed Freezer Room Door

Self-repairing High Speed Freezer Room Door

The soft curtain quick cold storage door has a simple design and is designed with a heating antifreeze device to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the product in a low temperature working environment. The structure incorporates the function design of collision avoidance recovery. When the door body is accidentally impacted, it deviates from the track and automatically repairs the return position during the ascent process. This structure not only facilitates the safe and smooth operation of the door body, but also operates more than 150,000 times a year without failure. It extends the life of the product while reducing component replacement and maintenance costs. 

Such rapid door is specially designed for freezer, cold room, or cool room. It is made from 30 mm thick thermal insulated,sandwich curtain, and with all-round heating device to avoid frozen. Thus it can work well in low temperature like -25 º C. It can reduce thermal transmission by fast opening and closing, and thermal insulated door curtain. For each door, it can help customer save energy cost by at least USD 8000 every year,than traditional normal speed cold room sliding doors.


Heating devices are included on both sides of the column.The structural design of this product is characterized by trouble-free operation up to 150,000 times per year. It has the highest practicality and the lowest maintenance cost.



1. Insulated PVC Sandwich Fabric: 
Double skin is 0.8mm PVC fabric, and inside is filled with high-density insulating rock wool . 
Total Thickness of door panel: 20-30mm; With excellent thermal insulation performance. 
It can prevent thermal loss of the cold room and save energy



2.  Anti-freezing Heating Device:
All-round heating wire belt is used to avoid freezing of door structure in such low temperature environment. 
This can avoid damage for door fabric and driving system when the door is frozen steadily.



3. Self-repairing and Air-tight Design :

Use zipper lock to connect fabric with side frame guide rail as a whole body, realizing better seal performance and air-tightness. 

And when there is accident collision by forklifts, the fabric can get out from guide rail and then return to recover automatically. 

This will reduce maintenance by 60% and save big cost for clients for long term.

4. Safety performance:

There is photo cell sensor to protect passing human or vehicle , and avoid collision accidents when the door is closing.



Heating device                The track and floor is with heating wire. It is designed heating device to avoid freezing during the door working process, to ensure the  door perform stability in cold working environment. 
Recover structure The curtain would be out of the guide rail, then recover during opening-up process when it is crashed .
Opening speed 0.8-1.5 m/s, adjustable.
Closing speed 0.6-1 m/s, adjustable.
Curtain  The curtain is good at PU wear-resistance, high strength, high density with thickness of 0.9mm.
Coefficient of wear-resistance is 600/600, tensile strength is 4000/3500, then proper working temperature from -30 to +70℃
Guide rail   Made by alloy aluminium with surface treatment to anti-rust.
 Insulation protection  Protection grade of each component in the control box is Ip 54 to resist water and dust in badly working environment. 
 Control system   HOFIC  servo control system is good at accurate positioning and quick information feedback, installed manual function.It is output constant torque from the motor to supply thousands of opening & closing per day , when it is powered off or other error function , the manual function would be applied to serve the doors working stable and safety property.
 Wind resistance    Maximum 6 level wind, strengthen 10 level winds is possible
 Sealing property  The sealing parts on the top & bottom of the curtain with the structure, can insulate air from the inter to the outer
 Manual function  Open the door by manual way after pulling the motor brake when it is powered off. This is a good solution to solve operating doors during powered off.
 Safety device  There are a photocell on both side of columns, then the door would open up to the opening position when the photo eyes induct some obstacles during the door closing process.
 Operation    Operated by button the control box. Optional ways: radar, induction loop, RFID, remote controller button, stretching wire switch and so on.


     The soft curtain anti-collision fast door has simple structure design, which is beneficial to stable operation,

reduces the frequency of repairing and replacing wearing parts, effectively improves the durability and service life of the equipment, and the curtain can be derailed in the event of an accidental impact, and during the ascent Automatic reset, no need to manually repair and reset the whole process.


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