Production: tailored to customer’s opening size. 

Advantages:innovation in the low headroom lift type design reduced headroom side room requirements of 100 mm and 90 mm for manually operated doors. 

Easy to install DoorHan RSD series provide superior reliability. 

Balancing mechanism: the balancing of the RSD01 doors is achieved with a special double spring system positioned vertically along the mounting angles 

on both sides of the door opening. The springs are zinc-coated and calculated for 25 000 cycles operation. 


                          Description                                            Value
R-value1,13 m²·°С/W∗
Wind load2 class (EN12424:2000)
Airtightness4 class (EN12426:2000)
Watertightness3 class (EN12425:2000)
Acoustic insulation<35 dB
Necessary lifting forceto 22.5 kg
Door sheet weight11,2 kg/m²

                                                    ∗For a 4 000 x 4 000 mm door         
       Construction of doors RSD01 series
1. Girth rail 
2. Top weather seal
3. Pulley bracket
4. Horizontal track
5. Side cap
6. Vertical track
7. Sandwich panel
8. Vertical angle
9. Side support
10. Bottom corner bracket
11. Hinge
12. Top support
13. Universal mounting bracket 
14. C-plofile
15. Tension spring 
16. Bottom aluminium profile
17. Handle
18. Bottom weather seal

        LOW LIFT FOR DOOR RSD01SERIES         




         Configuration and accessories